Our Business Is Growing: A New Build in Hamlin

Jun 07, 2022

Our Business Is Growing: A New Build in Hamlin
Written By: Steve Ackerman - Manager, Operations

G-Mac's AgTeam is excited to announce the construction of a new retail and fertilizer distribution facility located in Hamlin, Saskatchewan. Hamlin is located 11 km North of North Battleford on Highway #4 and is serviced by CN Rail. The intersection of Highway 4, Highway 16, and Highway 40 offers access to all crop land in Northwest Saskatchewan, making Hamlin a major hub for grain deliveries and crop inputs services for farmers in Northwest Saskatchewan. The G-Mac's AgTeam location in Hamlin will service farmers in the Hamlin/North Battleford trade area and will support all other G-Mac's AgTeam locations in Northwest Saskatchewan.
Road map to illustrate Hamlin location
G-Mac's AgTeam is an independently owned crop production company who strives on providing exceptional agronomic services while remaining focused on its' customers and the communities in which it serves. G-Mac's AgTeam employs more than 125 employees. The thirteen retail locations and one fertilizer distribution facility that currently exists provide products and services to farms across Western Saskatchewan from Lucky Lake to Leader and North to Meadow Lake.

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we recognize that farmers in Northwest Saskatchewan need a new Ag Retail facility that is bigger and faster, capable of handling more product than the market currently offers farmers today. Growers in Western Canada are pushing the boundaries for crop production and plant nutrition. Technology, new concepts in optimizing nutrition management, and new products from around the world are pushing the necessity for Ag Retails to focus on increased storage capacity, speed, and flexibility. Specialized programs offered by G-Mac's AgTeam such as CrOptics, SoilConnect, and SprayConnect are designed to meet the agronomic needs of farmers in the future. The advanced design utlized in the Hamlin project will support these programs and services and will allow us to serve our growers better.

Construction of the G-Mac's AgTeam Hamlin facility began in the spring of 2022, with a completion target of February 2023. The focus of our build will be to support our dry and liquid fertilizer services. Our dry fertilizer facility will be a 20,000 MT dry fertilizer plant with 15 bins, which will enable us to store and distribute all macro fertilizers. We will also have the ability to source, store and blend many fertilizer formulations typically not sold by fertilizer retailers. Fertilizers will be received by truck or by utilizing our 14-car rail siding, which will give us access to all suppliers in North America.

This state-of-the-art facility will have a greater storage capacity than any other plant in Northwest Saskatchewan. This facility is designed to handle macronutrients, minor use products, and will offer blending and impregnation capabilities for micronutrients and nitrogen stabilizers. Speed, automation, and product choice will enable this plant to offer premium products and service to our customers.

To service our liquid fertilizer market, G-Mac's AgTeam will be constructing a 4,125 MT tank farm, which will utilize rail and truck unload. Design and speed of this plant will be similar to the G-Mac's AgTeam retail site at Meota, where speed, storage capacity and design have made it a market leader in Western Canada. Features will include the ability to include blend fertilizer with products like nitrogen stabilizers, micronutrients, and additives.

The demand for crop protection products and seed will be supported by the construction of an 11,000 square foot heated warehouse. This warehouse will support Hamlin area customers as well as become a distribution hub to support farms across our Northern Region. 

Customers for the Hamlin location will be serviced by a Location Manager, serveral Operations staff, as well as Agronomists, Agronomy Consulting Experts (ACEs), and an Ag Innovation Lead. The office will include private offices, a conference and meeting room, and a kitchen.
Hamlin site map sketch
At G-Mac's AgTeam, our core business is crop production - we enable our customers to maximize their production in a profitable and sustainable manner. We are continually developing our knowledge, not just in terms of products we offer, but also in agronomy that maximizes performance for the producer. Customer growth has always been a cornerstone of our success.

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we are continually investing in the knowledge of our team so that we are able to continually benefit our customers. We believe that the strength of the team at G-Mac's AgTeam, along with the advantages that the Hamlin facility can offer will be key for local farmers to maximize profitability and production.

To learn more: https://youtu.be/NWAt-HE7FZA

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