agPROVE Trial Program in the 2022 Season

Apr 28, 2022

agPROVE Trial Program in the 2022 Season
Written By: Alynn Hagstrom & Evan Schmidt

As a valued part of the G-Mac’s AgTeam iFARM platform, agPROVE® has quickly grown to become the largest independent trial program conducted by any ag retail in Western Canada. agPROVE is a vital part of our business as it allows us to help customers to make better decisions both economically and agronomically. It is difficult to find sound third party trial and product information specific to the G-Mac’s Country trade area. The agPROVE trials are conducted right in your own backyards as we work to test product performance in our growing conditions with our management strategies. 

Do you have questions such as which canola variety will be best suited to the growing conditions in your area? Which herbicide will get the best efficacy on your stubborn wild oats? Which soil type does that biological have the highest return on? Our knowledgeable team of experts are here to help you and learn with you through agPROVE so that you can make better decisions for your farm. 

The 2022 Trial Program will feature a wide variety of products including new biologicals, fertilizer additives, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, bio stimulants, new canola and corn varieties and other practice methods. The 2021 growing season is still fresh in everyone’s minds as the combination of dry and hot conditions really effected our crops in Western Saskatchewan. We are excited to review all of the questions that you may be having and evaluate what is going to work best in each region of the G-Mac’s AgTeam trade area. 

Canola Showcase Plots

We are continuing to trial different canola varieties in our Canola Showcase Plots this year, focusing on which varieties are best suited to growing conditions all across G-Mac’s Country. To add to our knowledge about these plots, we will be creating SWAT maps on every field so that we can gather a better understanding of how each variety grows in these zones. Some of the varieties being featured include:
  • InVigor® L340PC
  • InVigor® L343PC
  • InVigor® L356PC
  • Brevant® B3010M
  • Brevant® B3011
  • Brevant® B3012
  • Brevant® LibertyLink® Experimental
  • Dekalb® DKLL84CRSC
  • Dekalb® DKTF98CR
  • Dekalb® TruFlex™ Experimental
  • Croplan® CP22T1C
  • Croplan® CP21L3C
  • Croplan® LibertyLink® Experimental
  • Canterra CS4000
  • Canterra CS3000
  • Canterra TruFlex™ Experimental
  • Brett Young™ TruFlex™ Experimental
We will also be conducting some corn silage trials with a multitude of short-season corn varieties that will be tested for potential fit to our area. From all of these trials, we can recommend appropriate corn and canola varieties based on your specific needs.

Biologicals and Bio Stimulants

This market has become quite saturated in recent years and these products will once again be a focus for agPROVE in 2022. “Biologicals” is a broad term and this portfolio contains a plethora of different products that are on or are coming to the market and G-Mac’s AgTeam will continue to explore potential fits for our customers. 

Two exciting biological products that we will feature this year work to provide nitrogen fixation for non-legume crops. Envita is a Nexus BioAg product that contains a natural bacterium, Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus. The bacteria is applied foliarly and enters plant cells where it works to fix atmospheric N directly into the plant. Utrisha™ N from Corteva Agriscience™ is a similar product containing the bacteria, Methylobacterium symbioticum. Both products will be trialled to determine fits in normal fertility and reduced fertility systems. 

As the hot and dry conditions from the 2021 growing season remain on everybody’s minds, there looks to be a lot of promising products coming to the market that could help with soil moisture conservation, heat blasting (specifically in canola) and soil health. We are also looking at products that can make phosphorus more available for the crop. SYNTHOS® by Koch™, when applied to fertilizer, makes the phosphorus more readily available. Other biological trials include:
  • OHM™ from UPL
  • CX-1 from Purple Cow Organics

With fertilizer prices approaching record highs, fertilizer efficiency has never been more important. There are a lot of wants when it comes to fertilizer and deciding what products to use. This year, we are excited to work with a few different products coming to market. These products include:
  • Rebuilder 0-17-0-12 by Replenish Nutrients. This is a regenerative fertilizer composed of mineral phosphate, elemental sulfur and activated compost. Low salt index fertilizer designed to feed soil microbes which release nutrients throughout the season. 
  • Crystal Green® Synchro by Taurus. This is a homogeneous granule consisting of 68% MAP and 32% Crystal Green, which is root activated and releases nutrients in response to root organic acid production. Provides nutrition throughout the growing season. This product is also faster to load than a blend. 
  • Soileos® Zinc by Lucent Bio. This is a granular bio active zinc product utilizing cellulose as a nutrient binder. Utilizes soil microbes to breakdown and release the product into plant available forms.
  • Top Phos® by Timac Agro. This is an Orthophosphate product that offers low salt index, minimal tie up and therefore, increased plant availability.
  • Excellis Max by Timac Agro. This is a nitrogen stabilizer that contains both DCD and NBPT molecules. This is complimented with an additional mode of action in their LCN Complex molecule. There is also plant health benefits from the root bio stimulant that has been added with this product. 
Crop Protection

We will be trialling a lot of exciting and brand-new products this year. Several herbicide, fungicide, and plant-growth regulators will be an integral part of agPROVE in 2022. 
  • Moddus® by Syngenta. A foliar applied growth regulating product containing the active ingredient Trinexapac-ethyl. Works to reduce internode elongation and promote stem thickening in cereal crops. A potential fit for high input/ high yield scenarios where lodging is a concern.
  • Certitude® by BASF. The first Group 27 product for pre-seed use in canola. Contains two active ingredients (Group 6 and Group 27) to provide burndown of herbicide resistant kochia and volunteer canola. 
  • Zolera® FX by UPL. A broad-spectrum fungicide containing two active ingredients for disease control and suppression in pulse crops including field pea, lentil, chickpeas and faba bean.
  • Tough® 5EC by Belchim. A newer product to the market that we will trial this year as an in-crop application mixed with Metribuzin for improved weed control in lentils.
  • Voraxor™ Complete by BASF. Intended to replace Heat® LQ as a pre-burn option. Voraxor Complete is composed of pyroxasulfone and Voraxor, made to offer more weed control and extended residual.
There is a bounty of new products and practices that we will be testing this year within the agPROVE program. At G-Mac’s AgTeam, we are excited to see how these products and practices will stand up in our trade area. We would like to thank all of our company partners for participating in our agPROVE program including Acadian Plant Health, Adama, BASF, Bayer CropScience, Belchim Crop Protection, BrettYoung, Canterra Seeds, Corteva, FMC Corporation, Gowan, Heliae Development, Koch Industries, Lucent BioSciences, NexusBioAg, Nufarm, NutriAg Ltd, Purple Cow, Replenish Nutrients Ltd, Stoller Enterprises, Syngenta, Taurus, Timac Agro, UPL Ltd, and WinField United. Not all of the products or practices that we are trialling are listed in this article. If you are interested in learning more please reach out to your local G-Mac’s AgTeam representative.

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