agPROVE in the 2022 Season

Oct 20, 2022

Written By: Amy Grindheim

"That problem you have in your field, we can fix it with product x and increase your yield at the same time!" Have you heard this before? We have, and that is why G-Mac's AgTeam runs our agPROVE Trial Program.

At G-Mac's AgTeam, we will always follow our Four Rules of Agronomy that govern all recommendations to our customers:

  1. Always recommend sound agronomy.
  2. Provide value to the customer.
  3. Long-term sucess of G-Mac's AgTeam.
  4. Never confuse the order of the first three rules.

Rule #1 - Always recommend sound agronomy.

Learning the situations where products have the proper fit on your farm is critical. The types of soil, environmental conditions, and crop rotations is important when recommending products to our customers. There are a lot of value-added products that may have a real impact on soil health, nutrient efficiencies, weed and disease management, grain quality, and yield but they may not all have the same result for every individual situation. The agPROVE Comprehensive Field Scale Trial Program brings local, relelvant data to our local growers in order to help them make effective agronomic decisions more confidently and with more consistent outcomes.

G-Mac's AgTeam has retail locations placed throughout Saskatchewan that cover varying environments and soil types which gives us a good data base to feel confident in the results that are being collected.

#2 - Provide value to the customer.

All products being tested follow strict protocols which ensure proper data collection so that each product can be evaluated fairly and show the value they can bring to our customers. Products may be trialed over multiple years to determine fair sets of data. Results and value need to be shown before they are offered in our product portfolio. 

There were many new and exciting products entering the market this year and we were excited to be able to run some of these products in the 2022 agPROVE Trial Program. There were 121 trials with G-Mac's AgTeam that were executed. They included:

  • 6 Canola Showcase Plots
  • 37 Different Crop Input Products
  • Biologicals
  • Seed Treatments
  • Fertility (Granular & Foliar Fertilizer)
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicides
  • 4 Different Agronomy Trials
  • Varying Seed Safe Fertilizer Rates
  • Lentil Seeding Rates
  • Seeding Speed
  • Ultra-Early Seeding of Cereals

The 2022 agPROVE sites showed some interesting visuals and we are excited to see the results compiled and share the complete data set with you.

varyingseedingrate-sm.jpg                  biologicalphos-sm.jpg
Varying Seeding Rate                                                 Biological Phosphate Fertility Trials

Pre-Burn Herbicides (Extended Wild Oat Control)

preburn-UTC-sm.jpg              preburn-TC-sm.jpg
Untreated Check                                                  Treated Check

Seed Treatments                                             Biological Micronutrients

seedtmt-sm.jpg              biologicalmicro-sm.jpg
Treated vs Grower Standard                                   Treated vs Untreated

Canola Showcase Plots

Understanding how canola varieties perform in our local areas is so important when choosing the right variety for your farm management practices. Our industry partners work with us to make sure we have the most up-to-date genetics plus new experimental varieties that may show added potential.

This year, G-Mac's AgTeam had six Showcase sites that we will be able to collect data from. The data consists of different ratings for plant stand counts, disease, harvest management ratings, and yield. In addition, this year all sites had SWAT mapping completed plus a UKKO Weather Station was placed on each site for local, timely weather data. 

showcase-sm.jpg agprove-sm-(1).jpg

#3 - Long-term success of G-Mac's AgTeam.

G-Mac's AgTeam's success is measured by the success of our customers. Doing the right things, for the right reasons has always been the cornerstone of the way that G-Mac's AgTeam conducts their business. We believe in making sure that our customers meet their farming goals through new innovations and management strategies. 

#4 - Never confuse the order of the first three rules.

G-Mac's AgTeam will always recommend sound agronomy to ensure the most value for our customers. 

Harvest has moved fast this fall and results are coming off very quickly. We are working hard to make sure our team has their local data in a timely manner to enable us to share the results with you. Be sure to follow up with your local G-Mac's AgTeam rep for more information on how you can view this years' agPROVE results.

G-Mac's AgTeam would like to thank our trial co-operators who participated in our agPROVE Trial Program and Showcase Canola Plots. You are a key piece in helping us to continue to follow our #1 Rule: Always recommend sound agronomy. If you are interested in being a part of our 2023 agPROVE Program to trial the newest products to come to market, please talk to your local retail for more information.

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