A New Service From G-Mac's AgTeam: CrOptics

May 10, 2021

Welcome to our first monthly edition of our revamped Agronomy Den Newsletter! In the past, you may have been used to viewing a quarterly publication that was loaded with insightful articles written by our Agronomy team. At G-Mac’s AgTeam, we have made the decision to adapt the Agronomy Den publication into a monthly newsletter to bring you more timely information in a more convenient package. We hope you come to enjoy this information hitting your inbox as much as we look forward to sharing our knowledge throughout the growing season.

In the next five years, technology alone, such as sensors and algorithms, may not replace Agronomy needs on your farm. However, Agronomists and Agronomy Consulting Experts (ACE’s) with technology will replace those relying purely on traditional boots on the ground agronomy services alone. At G-Mac’s AgTeam, we responded to this need by developing CrOptics as our Agronomy Service platform to lead our customers into the future. Those that are investing in CrOptics can expect to be ahead of the curve on projects such as digital record keeping, resistance management, and disease management on their farms. We dedicate our best and most experienced Agronomists, termed ACE’s, and pair them with the latest innovations to deliver the highest level of support to farms from Leader to Meadow Lake.

CrOptics is a season long commitment from our team to your farm. We start with a conversation about crop rotations in the fall and stick with you until your crop is in the bin. Agworld is the digital basis of our farm planning and observation records. We detail your farm plan, field by field, and have the ability to enter historical records and future planning scenarios into the system. This can all be accessed from your smartphone and allows you to have complete control of projects such as seed rates, fertilizer calibration, and even herbicide mixing instructions right in the palm of your hand. Agworld is easy to navigate, so simple that we say, “if you can figure out how to check the weather radar on your iPhone, you can figure out how to access Agworld.”

Cost of production can be a difficult number to nail down in-season. Working with our CrOptics platform, we are able to provide you with daily updates that show you cost of production by acre and at the end of the season by bushel. This type of economic analysis doesn’t replace what you get from your accountant at the end of the year, but it will allow you to make informed decisions based off the variables and opportunities in your crop.

CrOptics will evolve. Planning is one step in the farming process that has really evolved over the past 10 years. Managing situations such as increases in the price of urea (Fall $500 to Spring $750) can be addressed early on if we know what and how many bushels you are targeting the next season. Our CrOptics offer supports a complete farm plan and even pairs well with other innovative services available on the iFarm platform, such as SoilConnect and SprayConnect.

Balance is something we all strive for in life. In farming, we balance nutrient use and rotations, but we are also becoming increasingly aware that we need to provide balanced time for our families and friends to maintain a positive state of mental health. Every year there seems to be some pest that creeps up on us, whether its disease or insects that always seem to hit just as we have prepared to get away for some holidays. CrOptics is a season long commitment to your farm where we are there weekly to address the needs of your crop. If you are at the lake, we have the experienced eyes that have been on the farm since it was seeded to ensure your crop and investment is maintained.

It is a pleasure to serve farms in Western Canada and we look forward to creating an opportunity to engage in a conversation about allowing CrOptics to improve production on your farm.

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